12.07.05 Reviews

Battle Hymn #5 (Image): Easily, easily, *easily* the best single issue of a comic I have read in quite a while. Fantastic conclusion to this mini-series, which has turned out to be my favorite of the year, hands down. Regretful, sad, believable, sarcastic, serious, dark, funny, luscious art and inking, basically everything you want from a work of art. Who would have thought that when this collection of intriguing personalities got together that Betty, Mid-Nite Hour, Defender (and possibly Quinn Rey, they did leave that open didn’t they?) would be the only ones who made it out alive? I want this collected. I want the scripts. I want it oversized, deluxed, signed-special-editioned, director’s commentary-liner notes-sketchbook art-interviews with the creators-absolute slip case-editioned with Cindy Crawford eating an Eskimo Pie on top of the Empire State Building!!! I want a follow up series. I want to see that next project advertised from B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun. I want the grading scale to go higher than… Grade A+.

Penny Arcade: One Shot (Dark Horse): Aside from one good Spawn bit, not really my brand of humor. So disjointedly random, even for a collection of strips. I know it was only a quarter, but so were the Conan and Goon books that were excellent. Grade C.

Conan: Demons Of Khitai #3 (Dark Horse): Not really digging these tangentical Conan works that differ greatly from the tone and quality of the main book. Hopefully they will not dilute the primary title. Grade C+.

Mister Miracle #2 (DC): Check, please. I am so done with Seven Soldiers. Grade C-.

Powers #15 (Marvel/MAX): Wow. Bendis was right when he said shit happens this issue. Intense dialogue, crazy developments about the Powers-verse, and touching moments with Deena and Walker. Grade A.


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