Retailers Doin’ It Right – Part 2

Today we shine the bold light of comic book goodness on Wacky Hijinx Comics. I first met the owner, Dan, standing out in front of Kleidon’s Lounge at the first Hidden Agenda Press comic book release party. Little did I know that a couple years later, I’d be doing reviews on his web-site. I remember Dan discussing his plans to transform an existing store and got caught up in his creative energy. It was evident during that first conversation and is still true today. What this dude brings to the industry party is style.

Hijinx exudes hip. Dan’s fondness for small press. His willingness to try new things. He brought his web sensibilities and knowledge gleaned from high tech, threw on a healthy dose of business acumen, and applied it to comics. He kinda’ rocked the traditional business model and began lucrative work with local librarians. He took Free Comic Book Day to the next level and had me giving out Teen Titans comics at the Children’s Wing of the joint City of San Jose & San Jose State University Public Library.

He brought a comic book shop back to downtown San Jose after it had been missing for nearly 10 years and tapped the San Jose State market. And his stores just look fun. There are places to sit. Art on the wall. He engages customers, getting to know their likes and making recommendations. He actively promotes diversity in inventory as well as in the readership. There isn’t a shop in operation where I’ve seen more women or kids regularly enter. Hijinx has all of the benefits of a small neighborhood comic shop, yet is the strong champion of culture you would expect to see in a major metropolitan area. Thanks Dan, we need people like you injecting the cause with some class and fresh thinking.


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