3.08.06 Comics!

What a ridiculous week for comics. I bought so many cool books! I don't remember a week like this in quite some time. Granted, I was catching up on a few items I'd missed, but still. It's ridiculous! I don't know if I'll get time to review everything this week, so here's a quick run down of what I did pick up. Stay tuned for reviews in the next few days! Ridiculous!

La Perdida (Pantheon Books): Probably my pick of the week. Have been waiting for this collection since the original series debuted from Fantagraphics years ago. Jessica Abel's masterpiece about extended travel in Mexico.

Fear Agent #1 (Image): Keeping true to my word last week, I hunted for the first 2 issues and could only find the first. Can't wait to read it!

Powers #17 (Marvel/ICON): Anxiously awaiting this read. Series has been heating up in the last couple of issues.

Down #4 (Image/Top Cow): Finally the last ish of this great undercover cop mini-series from Warren Ellis.

American Virgin #1 (DC/Vertigo): Was excited about the Quitely covers and Cloonan interior art, Lee's (of Lee's Comics) review of the writing lessened my excitement, but still curious.

Captain Atom: Armageddon #6 (DC/Wildstorm): You all know how I feel about this series. Yay!

Fantastic Four: First Family #1 (Marvel): Historically not a big Marvel guy and not an FF hound either. *But* this is Joe Casey on writing and Chris Weston's art looks just different enough to intrigue me.

Fell #1-4 (Image): Only issue 4 came out this week, but I decided what the hell. Strong buzz around this being one of Ellis' best and I'm also interested to see Templesmith working the art chops away from IDW.

Teen Titans #33 (DC): I have generally not been into all things Infinite Crisis, especially the ancillary crossover titles, but hey, this passed the casual flip test. I'm such a sucker for all things Nightwing. And besides, what's $3 more amid this huge pile?!

Doll & Creature #1 (Image): Already on my recent Fear Agent high, I got this too. Another offering from FA scribe Rick Remender, and artist John Heebink is nailing these 1950's creepy/kookie/sexy covers just like Tony Moore on Fear Agent. And ya' know, it's only 3 more dollars!

Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules (Marvel): Ok, ignore what I said about not liking the FF. The exception here is that when it wins an Eisner Award and is by James Sturm and Guy Davis, it's great. Picked up the single issues way back and have been meaning to get the collected version. What week could possibly be better?

Ex Machina: Volumes 1 & 2 (DC/Wildstorm): One of my favorite series. Own all of the single issues. Finally decided to break down and pick up the trades to make some space. Figured another $30 or so wasn't going to matter one way or the other this week. I'm still hoping DC decides to do an Absolute Oversized Edition of this collecting the first 12 issues or so.

The Placebo Man (Alternative Comics): I didn't know this was coming out. I don't know if it's a collection of Bipolar issues or what. But anything from Tomer Hanuka is worth buying. A steal at a mere $14.95.

Mom's Cancer (Abrams Image): A collection of the web comic that won a 2005 Eisner for Best Digital Comic. Attractive package, sure I'll check it out.

Lost At Sea (Oni Press): Oni's original graphic novels are *extremely* hit and miss for me, with about 80% of them landing on the "miss" side. Came out a while back, but I've been meaning to read this.

Brownsville (NBM/ComicsLit): A great looking graphic novel about the Jewish Mafia. Amazing looking art from a creative team that's new to me. The pull quotes from Carla Speed McNeil and others on the dust jacket actually pushed me over the edge and influenced me to purchase, first time that's happened in a looooong time.

Woo-hoo! Got some readin' to do!


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