4.05.06 Reviews

No time for full reviews this week, but thought I'd do a quick run down on what I picked up;

Planetary #25 (DC/Wildstorm): Ellis and Cassaday. Woohoo! Heard some rumors that this ish may answer some longstanding questions as the series begins to *finally* wind down to its conclusion. Someone wrote that people were jokingly referring to this as the "latest Planetary annual." Haha!

Ex Machina #19 (DC/Wildstorm): Read through this at super speed, don't remember much now except for an interesting convo in a church(?). Anticipating a Grade B+ at a minimum here, Ex Mach never disappoints!

Ex Machina: Volume 3 TPB (DC/Wildstorm): Though I'm still picking up the single issues, I've also been eagerly replacing them with trades so that I can give away arcs of the single issues to others in an effort to hook them on the title. Arc 1 went to pal Jason (who is a journalist by trade, fellow comic head, and dug Tony Harris on Starman, so there just isn't any acceptable reason why he shouldn't be reading this regularly!). Arc 2 is going to artist pal Grant, who will surely appreciate and learn from the panel to panel layouts and emotive line work of Tony Harris. Who will arc 3 go to?

Infinite Crisis #6 (DC): Buying this title is sort of like going to the gas station and washing your windows with that nasty squeegee. It's not something I particularly enjoy or need, I just keep doing it since I'm there anyway. Saw some stuff with Nightwing that hopefully entertains me.

Superior Showcase #1 (AdHouse Books): I will most willingly give this a shot after thoroughly enjoying the Project: Superior anthology. Very interested to see if the quality remains high.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

Give me arc 3 ! :)

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Justin Giampaoli said...

Grand idea! On the way, A! =)


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