Scott Mills Trifecta

Wanted to take a moment to comment on these three books that I picked up at the Lee's Comics 24th Anniversary Sale. What a deal! These were buy one, get *two* free!

Big Clay Pot (Top Shelf): This book chronicles an unrequited romance between a poor Korean immigrant girl and the kind Japanese man that takes her in. Their relationship blossoms into a strong friendship and ultimately this is a nice portrayal of the complexities of emotion possible between two people that never physically consummate their affection. Mills also poses some very interesting theories on art styles during this period of Japanese history. Grade B.

Trenches (Top Shelf): Like most of Mill's work, this tale of trench warfare in World War I is deceptively simple. This book follows three soldiers, one intentionally named Hemingway, with different backgrounds as their paths converge during the war. The subtle depiction of the brutality, lasting repercussions, and frank nature of modern warfare is intense. Mills' linework is ostensibly cartoony, simple, and almost crude, but perfectly depicts the wide range of emotions associated with the horror of war, and of the human experience in general. Grade B+.

The Masterplan (Top Shelf): Lots of theories at work here as a scientist with a God complex toys with the very fabric of the space-time continuum, seeking to create his own "Big Bang," singularity events, and jump through time to seek out his ex-wife. Some nice commentary on the power of the cosmos being infinitely more complex than man can hope to grasp and the evolving nature of the human species. I was struck by the concept of being in deep sleep for 40,000 years awakening to a new galaxy, as well as the adventures of the "sidekick" brother/Priest. Grade B.


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