9.13.06 Comics

It was one of those weeks; a crazy cadre, a calamitous cacophony, a cornucopia of comic books came out that I was interested in. Here's a quick report on all of the wonderful finds. Reviews will follow as soon as I get some reading done!

Pride of Baghdad (DC/Vertigo): Topping the list is this much anticipated original graphic novel from Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon.

52: Week Nineteen (DC): The spectacle continues. Like a much maligned DC car crash, I have to look!

Civil War Files (Marvel): Ordinarily I would have passed on this, I must be jonesin' for Civil War #4!

The Escapists #3 (Dark Horse): Will it be a contender for mini-series of the year here at 13 Minutes? Tune in to find out!

Phonogram #2 (Image): This one is going to slip to the bottom of my "to read" pile. I hope I'll be saving the best for last!

Casanova #4 (Image): Will Matt Fraction & Gabriel Ba finally win me over with their $1.99 uber-homage? For $1.99, does it matter? Is this ground breaking format going to change the industry?

Agents of Atlas #2 (Marvel): This book was not released this week, I missed it last week. No, I really *missed* it! There's gun-toting gorillas with hard liquor on the cover!

Wasteland #3 (Oni Press): Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten have the next Oni Press breakout hit on their hands. This will be down there with Phonogram, waiting to be savored!

DMZ #11 (DC/Vertigo): How could this book possibly get any better? Oh, they brought in Brian Wood's collaborator from IDW's Supermarket Kristian Donaldson to pencil an issue... that's how!

Ex Machina #23 (DC/Wildstorm): Might as well move this title to Yellowstone National Park, because like "Old Faithful," it's realiably solid entertainment!

Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence (DC): Anxiously awaiting this trade that collects the first six issues of everyone's favorite disfigured gunman!

Abandon the Old in Tokyo (Drawn & Quarterly): Finally, the follow up book collecting Yoshihiro Tatsumi's work! Some of the most attractively packaged, reasonably priced, and important work that D&Q has published!

Klezmer: Tales of the Wild East (First Second): I'll buy anything from Joann Sfar. Period!

American Born Chinese (First Second): First Second had multiple offerings this week that tempted me, but anything endorsed by Derek Kirk Kim will cause an immediate purchase!

Runaways: Volumes 1, 2, 3 (Marvel): I like the digest size as a format. I love Brian K. Vaughan's writing. I picked up a few stray issues that I enjoyed. Lots of critical buzz. Guest appearances by Cloak & Dagger. Joss Whedon coming on to write soon. Yep, I'm there!


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