Get Pantsed!

Randy Lander is one of the founding fathers of the comics blogosphere. He's been at CBR, Psycomic (where I first started reading him), Newsarama, and most recently, The Fourth Rail (along with Don MacPherson). Be sure to check out his new digs over at Comic Pants: www.comicpants.com where he's teamed up with former Ain't It Cool News'ers and some fellow Austin-ites. Randy has been doing the online review gig longer than most and was one of the people who inspired me to start 13 Minutes. It's a slick new site (anything that has Queen & Country panels in the title/logo bar gets my vote!) that has a plethora of timely reviews, a great "Wednesday Number Ones" section, and a soon-to-be Podcast. And yes, I just adore the comic artist rendered bio photos of the staff. That's a "Walking Dead" version of Randy up there!


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