10.04.06 Comics

I'm back from a grueling business trip. Although I picked up most of what I wanted this week, I didn't have time to read/review much. This is everything except The Leading Man #3, which by Saturday two retailers didn't have; doesn't bode very well for this small press title. In addition to the below, I scored some cheap Silver Age books in great condition. Scored some old Strange Tales, Tomb of Dracula, and a nice run of Doctor Strange. I also embarked on a new project (thanks Mike!) to assemble a VF/NM run of the original Uncanny X-Men series, from number 100-200, which runs from about 1977 to 1985. Got a deal on about 20 of these books, including the first appearance of Alpha Flight (pictured here with #121), first appearance of Dazzler, the "Days of Future Past" storyline, etc.

Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 (Marvel): I've yet to see the definitive take on this character, but Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin sounds like a good bet.

Criminal #1 (Marvel/Icon): The new Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips series that's already getting tons of hype, hope it lives up.

Agents of Atlas #3 (Marvel): Hope it's at least as good as the first. Needs to be better than the second.

Fear Agent #8 (Image): Always fun!

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 (Marvel): Anxious to see what Kirkman and Hester can do with this. I think we need more books like Nextwave and this, lighthearted fun!

Giant-Size Wolverine #1 (Marvel): Bought this only because Lapham was writing it and I'm also curious to try out Aja's pencils before his debut on Iron Fist.

American Virgin #3-7 (DC/Vertigo): Becky Cloonan's pencils finally wore me down, decided to pick this title up and give it a shot.

The Incredible Hulk #96-99 (Marvel): This is the Planet Hulk run, caught an interview on Fanboy Radio with Greg Pak and he sold me, sounds interesting.

The Other Side #1 (DC/Vertigo): Managed to read this book. Cameron Stewart's pencils are always a treat, but the script boasted a remarkably healthy resemblance to the movie Full Metal Jacket and tossed in some horror elements. Grade C+.


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