Top 10 of 2006 - Part 2

"Best. Mini-Series. Ever."

Top 10 Limited Series of 2006

The Escapists (Dark Horse): By far, the most unique creation of Brian K. Vaughan and it's beautifully rendered by a rotating cast of interior (and cover) artists. It deftly captures a duality between the story of the creators and their creations that showcases all the strengths of the medium.

Phonogram (Image): Upstart creators blending music, horror, and slice-of-life industry tropes which culminate with being the most unexpected premise of the year.

Supermarket (IDW): The "Year of Brian Wood" continues with this manic and entertaining story about a trendy hipster chic on the run (think Run Lola Run!) from the Yakuza and Swedish Porno Mob.

Local (Oni Press): Brian Wood *still* in the house! Taking his general approach from last year's Demo (AiT/PlanetLar) and pairing one-shots with recurring/overlapping characters on their home turf; where their turf, their "local" becomes another character. Paired with the beautiful pencils of Ryan Kelley, whose style is all the best bits of Paul Pope and Farel Dalrymple.

Batman: Year 100 (DC): One of the best Batman stories ever and certainly up there with Dark Knight Returns in its ability to capture a bleak dystopian future that emboldens the enduring strength of the urban myth of the Batman. And really, ya' know, just two words you need to know: Paul Pope.

Midnight Sun (Slave Labor Graphics): An adventurous little look at an Italian derigible exploration gone awry that's absolutely joyful to read.

BPRD: The Black Flame & The Universal Machine (Dark Horse): It's a two-fer! All of the BPRD stories continue to be exceptionally strong as they add to the overall Hellboy/BPRD mythos. Guy Davis' art is perfectly matched for this blender of paranormal investigative horror.

The Leading Man (Oni Press): Though it's not yet completed, I was impressed with B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun's sophomore offering together. After the strength of Battle Hymn, some accused them of a sophomoric slump with this title, but with the clean pencils, strong inking, and fun premise, I'm in for the ride.

Agents of Atlas (Marvel): Jeff Parker takes some old school Marvel heroes and brings them together one last time for a thoroughly fun romp, with occasional bursts of brilliance.

Doctor Strange: The Oath (Marvel): Brian K. Vaughan strikes again and attempts something that no other writer has been able to capture. The kooky, self-referential magical adventure goodness that appeals to hardcore Doc Strange fans and newcomers alike.

Honorable Mentions

Down (Image/Top Cow): Pretty damn close to making the cut, but between Cully Hamner filling in for Tony Harris (sorry Cully, you're good, but not *that* good) and crazy publishing delays, this Warren Ellis penned plot about a dangerously deep undercover cop was unwavering in its commitment to a "no such thing as good guys" vision, but excluded from the Top 10.

Civil War (Marvel): I tried to resist including it, but when I look at the books I really enjoyed and looked forward to reading, despite all the shipping delays and interweb kerfuffle, it's right up there.

Ok, how'd we do? Agree? Disagree? Let me know! Here's how the breakdown looks for this session;

Marvel: 20%
Dark Horse: 20%
Oni Press: 20%
DC Comics: 10%
Image: 10%
IDW: 10%
Slave Labor Graphics: 10%

Check back soon for Part 3, as our "Top 10 of 2006" continues with Graphic Novels/Trades!


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