Top 10 of 2006 - Part 4

"Worst. Comic. Ever."

Top 10 Worst Comics of 2006

American Way (DC/Wildstorm): So completely derivative that, well, I shouldn't even try to recall what I wrote. Standby... *Copy, Paste* Ahem... This book makes me feel like a caged zoo monkey that is so fed up and disgraced with repetition and boredom that he has to throw his own shit out from behind the bars to generate anything remotely entertaining in a doomed attempt to alter a crumbling artistic landscape and prevent severe depression. Grade F.

Truth, Justin, and The American Way (Image): Awkward scripting, tired humor, and story beats that are so long they qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

Civil War: Frontline (Marvel): So darkly offensive to the memory of everyone who died on 9/11, as well as the Holocaust survivors. Damn, it managed to piss off everyone so bad that I actually gave it an F-. First ever. F-minus!

Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters (DC): I have no idea what happened in between the short story in the 80 Page Giant (which I thought showed promise) and the actual mini-series, but it turned out to be a train wreck.

The Next (DC): To use a tired analogy, as tired as this book made me feel, if you look up "expository" in the dictionary, there's a picture of this book.

Martian Manhunter (DC): Boo! Ok, not entirely the creative team's fault. I mean, MM is never that interesting unless he's eating Oreos in the Justice League. Too bad, so sad.

52 (DC): Cool idea, trying to publish a weekly book again. But do it like Action Comics, not like this. Bad, bad, bad execution. Lacks focus, a throughline, and you know, a cohesive, umm... what's the word I'm looking for, oh yeah, *story.*

Spider-Man: Reign (Marvel): Dark Knight Returns starring Peter Parker. Really blatantly. 'Nuff said.

Welcome to Tranquility (DC/Wildstorm): "Have we been cancelled yet? Are we still going? What issue are we on? It's not cancelled yet? Are you sure? Shit, get some more ideas in there! Hurry! Are we cancelled? Not yet? Fuck, put some more dialogue in there. Hurry! Get it all down! Go!" - Welcome to Tranquility Creative Team

Wonder Man (Marvel): Suffice it to say, not Peter David's best writing. Capped off with some ridiculous art that should never have passed the portfolio review hour at the Con.

So what's the damage? Who offered up the most stinkers, you ask? Well;

DC Comics: 60%
Marvel: 30%
Image: 10%

Check back soon for the last installment, Part 5, as our "Top 10 of 2006" continues with Hope Dashed, Hope Renewed!


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