Top 10 of 2006 - Part 5

"Worst/Best. Year. Ever."

Top 10 Hope Dashed, Hope Renewed Moments of 2006

Solo (DC): Cancelled. What a brilliant idea to get a rotating cast of creators and let them do whatever the hell they want with creator owned or company owned properties. Sadly, the very thing that made it cool was also what made it impossible to market and sustain an audience for. Solo, we will miss you. Here's to hoping there's an Absolute Edition book for you somewhere in the future. What a noble failure.

Queen & Country (Oni Press): This is like the proverbial girlfriend who cheats on you and then wants back into your life. Your friends tell you not to give in. You want to kick that bitch to the curb just out of spite. But, she's soooo good. Greg Rucka needs to get on the stick and commit some time to this property and not go galavanting with novels and movie deals. The publishing schedule is ridiculous. Bonus: Dusty Star (Image/Desperado): I loved the first issue! *Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp* Will we ever see this book again? What's up with creators abandoning their properties mid-swing?

Virgin Comics: This line came out with such a robust launch and then fell flat on its face with barely digestible content. Snakewoman (Zeb Wells & Michael Gaydos) almost made it home, but not quite. When will someone learn how to launch a successful line?

Wildstorm Relaunch: Basically every title in the line is ass. The one book I'm remotely interested in, Wildcats, due to an historical fondness for the characters, pencilled by the damn Editor of the company no less, the "flagship" property, "cornerstone" of the relaunch, comes charging out with one issue, only to promptly announce severe delays on all future issues, umm what? I thought we were going to publish some books here, guys?

Batman Books (DC): Namely, Batman by Morrison and Detective Comics by "Paul Dini & JH Williams." First off, Morrison's Batman is just plain awful, he's totally phoning it in. And the Detective Comics series with much ballyhooed "Paul Dini & JH Williams" didn't get very far. Paul Dini has scripted about half of them and JH only penciled one single issue. Nothing like misleading your fans. Jesus, kinda' sad times when I need to go to a Paul Pope "Elseworlds" type story (Batman: Year 100) to get a decent Batman story, lord knows it ain't happening in 52 either.

Jonah Hex (DC): I'm so on again, off again with this book. The overly photo-referenced art turned me away quickly with early issues. But then came Jordi Bernet to tell the origin story. Loved the first issue, was repulsed by the second. What to do, what to do...

Supreme Power (Marvel/MAX): Yes, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of a title called "Squadron Supreme" being published and set in the regular Marvel U. This is a clear example of business winning out over art. First Guy: "Ooh, I know! Let's bring the Supreme Power heroes into the regular Marvel U so we can cross them over with The Ultimates, the FF, etc." Second Guy: "Umm, won't that dilute the property and kill the very reason it's so critically acclaimed?" First Guy: "But, we'll make money!!!" PS - the second hardcover was ruined by the inclusion of the Hyperion Mini-Series which had little to do with Hyperion and more to do with setting up the regular Marvel U book. Man, how I wish I could just have the first 18 issues collected together in one spot unfettered by all this other horse shit.

DC Team Books: Namely, JLA and JSA, but you might as well toss in Outsiders, Titans, etc. They're just so spectaculary... Ehh. As Stephen Colbert says, "I'm passionately ambivalent!" about these books.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi Collections (Drawn & Quarterly): Love these collected editions... so far we've gotten The Push Man & Other Stories, along with Abandon the Old in Tokyo, and they included Adrian Tomine introduction pieces! Kudos to D&Q for pulling this off, look forward to this continuing!

Keep It Up!: Superman Confidential (DC), The Nightly News (Image), Criminal (Marvel/ICON), The Killer (Archaia Studios Press), Immortal Iron Fist (Marvel), and The Lone Ranger (Dynamite Entertainment). You guys came out swinging and renewed my faith in the future, we'll certainly be keeping our collective eye on you!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!


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