1.17.07 Reviews

The Nightly News #3 (Image): I still like The Nightly News with its high dosages of fact, biting commentary, and general sarcastic disposition. However, at times it feels like an overdose of factoids thrown at the audience in rapid fire succession, with a mere shoestring of a comic plot, as if Jonathan Hickman should have written a book where he could have thoroughly explored these ideas. But, like I said, I still like it. And for once, the vast majority of the typos were corrected prior to publishing(!). Grade B.

Phonogram #4 (Image): Having liked the first 3 issues of this series immensely, I now feel like I was into the set-up of the story more than where the actual story went this issue. It feels liks "all middle" (to borrow a phrase from the guys over at Comix Experience) with the extended fantasy sequence, and makes me feel very detached from the narrative, like I've lost my way, unsure of what's really happening or what the objective of the story is. I felt bad that I started asking questions of myself like "hrmm, why am I paying $3.50 for a black and white book with sparse panel renderings that I don't seem to be enjoying?" I realize though that this is not obviously a stand alone tale and part of a larger 6 issue single story, so will reserve ultimate judgment until I can read it all in one sitting. Looking to be pleasantly surprised by what the creators have in store for the last 2 issues. Grade B-.

52: Week Thirty-Seven (DC): Well, at the very least it feels like the plot is finally advancing and we get some reveals about the Skeets/Booster Gold/Supernova/Rip Hunter story, and a telegraphed twist to the Animal Man/Adam Strange/Starfire trifecta. Grade C+.

I also picked up;

Batman: Year 100 (DC): The collection of the mini-series that made my Top 10 list for 2006 finally comes out! Woo-hoo! Looks like some fun bonus material has been included as well.


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