1.24.07 Comics

No time for full reviews this week due to business travel, but here's what made it home...

52: Week Thirty-Eight (DC): I did manage to read this title and what I remember didn't sit well. The T.O. Morrow/Oolong Island bits were boring, as were the Nanda Parbat scenes, which is unfortunate since those comprised 90% of the book. Grade D+.

Wolverine #50 (Marvel): Picked this up mostly for the cute back-up story penciled by McGuinness. In the main story, the typically strong Simone Bianchi art has some horrible lessons in anatomy complimented by yet another in the endless string of Wolverine vs. Sabretooth showdowns which ends on a random cliffhanger. Grade C-.

Civil War: The Return (Marvel): Looked interesting, but has been getting a flurry of awful reviews online.

Silent War #1 (Marvel): For the most part, I'll pick up anything penciled by Frazer Irving.

Checkmate #10 (DC)

Doctor Strange: The Oath #4 (Marvel)

The Eternals #6 (Marvel)

DMZ #15 (DC/Vertigo)

Criminal #4 (Marvel/Icon)

X-Factor #15 (Marvel)

X-Factor: Life & Death Matters: Premiere Edition Hardcover (Marvel)


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