Graphic Novel(s) Of The Month(s)

Wow! Things have been so hectic on the business and personal fronts that I just now realized I never posted my Graphic Novels Of The Month for either January or February. So without any further delay, here are a few recommendations from 13 Minutes...

DMZ Volume 2 TPB: Body of a Journalist (DC/Vertigo): In short, this is the best new series from Vertigo since probably Sandman was converted to the line or the blusterous debut of 100 Bullets. Between this title and the recent Scalped, Vertigo is back... in a big way. Grade A.

X-Factor Volume 2 HC: Life & Death Matters (Marvel): Peter David and (after Ryan Sook) a rotating cast of somewhat forgettable artists deliver a one-two punch of deep characterization and fun dialogue. Yes, the inability to find an artist that lasts more than 2 consecutive issues mars this otherwise fine title, but the real hook is David's scripting which, on his second go around with some of these characters, again displays the perfect command of their motivations, personalities, and interpersonal antics. It's still the bext X-Title that nobody's reading. Grade B+.

Batman: Year 100 (DC): Yes, the mini-series came out last year. But the trade collection was out in 2007 and it deserves mentioning again. It seemed to quietly slip under the radar screen amid the spectactle (debacle?) of mis-fires in the DCU that garnered all of the attention (52? OYL? I'm talkin' to you...). For my money, this is one of the best Batman stories ever told, honors the past, but is not confined by it, and is from one of the modern masters of the industry - Paul Pope, who could probably illustrate the phone book and we'd find artistic merit and deep meaning to his approach. Grade A.


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