7.25.07 Comics

Once again, no time for full reviews this week due to changing jobs, friends visiting from out of town, and a little thing known as San Diego Comic-Con International (more on that later). For now, here's what I picked up this (last) week;

Grendel #0 (Dark Horse): As Matt Wagner's creation hits the 25th anniversary mark, Dark Horse gives us a nice little twisty Grendel story and a great interview piece. Definitely worth the price of admission and a nice gateway to the character. Grade A.

Queen & Country #32 (Oni Press): With an incongrous thud and whisper, poof! Like that, Q&C is gone. Rucka hastily "wraps up" this story arc with an awkward cliffhanger. We're treated to a half dozen typos and a genuinely apologetic letter from Rucka essentially indicating that he doesn't have the time to dedicate to Queen & Country to do it justice because of other (assumably, those at DC) projects, so it's on hiatus. Yet at the Con, he announces another ongoing title from Oni, PI book Stumptown. Hrmm. While I would rather see no Q&C than a crappy Q&C, I'd rather have Q&C than Stumptown. Sucks to be a Q&C fan at the moment. Grade B-.

Immortal Iron Fist #7 (Marvel): Love this book, looking forward to the new story arc.

The Mighty Avengers #4 (Marvel): Yeah, I'm kinda' losing my Bendis high and Tony is still a jerk, but between the quirky word balloons and Frank Cho's hot art, this is just different enough to keep me coming back.

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #4 (Dark Horse): Still passively enjoying all things HB, but this will certainly be the last series of floppies I collect, transition to "waiting for the trade" shall now commence.

Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #2 (Dark Horse): Still doesn't have the intense zany, zing of the first few issues, but enjoyable nonetheless. Good ol' adventure comics are actually quite rare.

Doktor Sleepless #1 (Avatar): Really curious to see if Ellis can churn out new high concepts and keep them sustained for a while. With a flurry of Avatar titles and buzz at the San Diego Con, we'll see if he can do this or will leave us hanging ala some other minis and belch out 3 issues a year.

Black Summer #1 (Avatar): Dug the first #0 issue, but we'll see if he can... oh, just read the entry above. Ditto.

Crecy (Avatar): Thankfully a one-shot, so the aforementioned concerns should be mitigated to some extent.

Immortal Iron Fist: The Last Iron Fist Story: PremiereHardcover (Marvel): As I said, loved the first arc (this collects issues 1-6) and I'm pleased to see Marvel continue the Premiere Hardcover Edition format which provides a nice package and keeps the price point relatively low.

Pulp Hope (AdHouse Books): Ridiculously awesome to see a collection of Paul Pope works and essays in this attractive art book. Got multiple additional copies at the Con, got one for my new boss, got more comics from Pope, met him, even bought a piece of original art from him and his broker. Did I mention I love Paul Pope?


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