Graphic Novel(s) Of The Month

Once again, the ever fluid career landscape precludes me from writing up any sort of in depth review. So, here are a couple of great books that caught my attention; check 'em out!

Exit Wounds (Drawn & Quarterly): Rutu Modan's new book offers up a compelling little murder mystery amid bizarre family dynamics that deepens with each page, revealing small little illuminating moments about life, love, and the awkward moments between people. Grade A.

Conan: Volume 4: The Hall of the Dead & Other Stories (Dark Horse): The Conan stories that Dark Horse is putting out definitely read better collected. They remain fun romps, true to Howard's originals, and when read collected offer the ability to follow the high and low notes in lyrical rhythm. Not as strong or other-worldy as the Tower of the Elephant, but thoroughly enjoyable for even the passive Conan fan. Grade A.


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