8.01.07 Comics

Y'all are gonna' get tired of hearing me say this, but... once again, no time for full reviews this week due to the crazy San Diego Comic Con schedule and starting my new job. Things should definitely return to normal starting with next week's books. Until then, here's a run down of what I picked up this week...

Scalped #8 (DC/Vertigo): I did manage to read this one title this week and as usual, it's phenomenal. Jason Aaron's ability to make the plot even stickier and his mastery of dialogue are worth the price of admission alone. Grade A.

Metal Men #1 (DC): Let's see what Duncan Rouleau can do with this.

Faker #2 (DC/Vertigo): Very curious to see what Mike Carey and Jock have in store for this sinister, dark, sexy, utterly despicable little book.

World War Hulk #3 (Marvel): What's this doing in here, you say? Hey, I like a good mindless summer blockbuster every now and then.

The Red Star: Sword Of Lies #2 (Archangel Studios): Holy fuck, are these guys still around? One upon a time, The Red Star was one of my favorite books, but then it all just stopped. I still have all of the oversized hardcovers (yes, even the eslusive gray third one), but then nothing much happened. They had a booth at the Con, still pimping the same old books and merchandise. This thing feels fat, we'll see what they're up to. One issue in a year? Psh.


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