Firestorm 2007!

There's quite a few books I'm looking forward to this week, but regional shipments have been delayed due to the worst fire in US History, which is already being compared to Hurricane Katrina in terms of devastation and impact to the region. Over 500,000 people evacuated in San Diego County alone and over $1 Billion in damage.
If you follow the Interstate 15 line down to where it says "Estimated Re-Open Areas" on the above map, my house is just above the tip of the first "t" in "Estimated," in the untouched little corner there. I'm just about 2 miles from the southernmost evacuation zones. The sky was glowing, the air unbreathable, a thick layer of ash all over the house and cars, Police Department and National Guard units patrolling the eerie deserted streets, and Marine helicopters from MCAS Miramar pounding the sky above, but luckily didn't have to evacuate.
Thanks to everyone who's sent email, text messages, and placed phone calls!


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