Graphic Novel(s) Of The Month

While I don't have sufficient time to do in depth reviews this month, there are three books I can wholeheartedly recommend;

Queen & Country: Volume 8: Operation Red Panda (Oni Press): In short, Tara Chace's career and lifestyle have finally all caught up with her and come crashing down. The repercussions of espionage work, sexual relationships, and general psychological make up converge in a crescendo of power and emotion that may shake up the Q&C world forever. This outstanding book is only marred by Rucka's inherently bittersweet swan song, as he formally announces that the beloved book is now on hiatus for an unspecified time. Grade A.

Altercations (Sleeping Giant Comics): David Yurkovich's faux "History of Super-Hero Activity in 20th Century North America" feels balanced and well researched and is a marvel of ingenuity. The publishing history is a bit convoluted, issue one having been published, and what would have been issue two now incorporated into one all encompassing volume (collecting the bits of issue one and intended bits of part two), but yet to actually be picked up and published. For more information, please see: http://www.sleepinggiantcreations.com/comics-ogns/altercations/altercations-main.html Grade A.

Chiaroscuro: Patchwork: Book 1 (IDW): Troy Little presents the rarest of things here: a pseudo-auto-biographical slice of life book that feels more real and interesting than the typical self-indulgent navel-gazing that such independent comic products often are hampered by. Not only does he avoid that pitfall, he also incorporates some magical ethereal bits that avoid being obtuse. This is an extremely well balanced project that hits all the right notes. Grade A.


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