Coming Soon - Danijel Zezelj's King of Nekropolis

I received a Press Release from Optimum Wound Comics Publisher Jason Thibault this weekend, announcing the impending arrival of another Danijel Zezelj book, their second published "book." Based on the teaser art, my love of his work, and the professionalism Optimum Wound brought to their previous Zezelj book, REX, this should be great! Details below and on their web-site...

Vancouver, BC September 15, 2008 – Optimum Wound Comics announces today the launch of King of Nekropolis, a new online comic and forthcoming graphic novel. King was written and illustrated by acclaimed comics creator Danijel Zezelj (Stray Dogs, Loveless, DMZ & Hellblazer). King has previously only seen print in Italy, published by Hazard Edizioni in late 2007.

Our 2nd book, Danijel Zezelj's King of Nekropolis is finally rolling out. Release date is November 26th in finer comic book shops, indie book stores, online vendors, Heavy Ink and our very own (forthcoming) online store. This one is 96 pages, black and white and will carry a price tag of $11.95. In the meantime we've launched King of Nekropolis as a webcomic. It'll update on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays each week for the next 8 months.

Jason Thibault, Publisher and Co-Owner of Optimum Wound comments: “We are more than excited to be releasing more work by Danijel. It’s been a dream come true working with one of the finest storytellers in the comics medium. Most of the North American comic book audience has only seen Danijel’s work through his commercial work for DC/Vertigo and Marvel. We’re hoping to change that by exposing new readers to his more personal works from his rather extensive back catalog.”

A brief synopsis of King: Ras Casal is a private detective, haunted by demons and old memories, addicted to drugs and on the verge of complete madness. Casal is hired by Professor Noah to find an old colleague, Theobald Hall, a brilliant computer scientist who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The hunt to find Theobald begins as does a long and terrible descent into personal hells for Ras. His journey into the heart of Nekropolis becomes his last chance at redemption.

The book can now be pre-ordered from local comic stores. It's in September (this month's) Previews on page 309; order code SEP08 4223.

Danijel Zezelj is a graphic artist and illustrator, author of more than twenty graphic novels. His comics and illustrations have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Croatia, Slovenia, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, South Africa and the USA. Danijel’s work has been published by DC Comics/Vertigo, Image, Marvel Comics, The New York Times Book Review, Harper’s Magazine, San Francisco Guardian & Washington Chronicle.

Optimum Wound Comics is a boutique publisher operating out of Vancouver, Canada, specializing in dark crime and horror graphic novels and online comics. Founded in 2005 by three Canadians, Optimum Wound started as an online comics channel branching out into publishing in 2008. Optimum Wound differentiates itself publishing primarily black and white genre work from around the world.


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