2.25.09 Reviews

On business travel this week, so reviews are a little light, but here’s what I picked up this week. Also included are my scores from sales at Hijinx Comics of San Jose and Lee’s Comics of Mountain View.

Wasteland #24 (Oni Press): Antony Johnston brings some dialogue this issue that perfectly captures the sparse attitude of Wasteland, and would also make Rorschach proud. Michael protests a decision with “don’t recall a vote.” Abi retorts with “too bad, ‘cos we had one anyway.” Michael’s only response is “hnnn” with just the hint of a wry grin courtesy of Christopher Mitten. The brilliance of the title continues with the invented linguistics of lines like “don’t mount us,” which function as slang pejoratives, unique but imbued with clarity of meaning. Ruby and Gerr’s duplicitous actions are full of suspense and continue the subtle complexity of the best book you’re not reading. Grade A.

X-Force #12 (Marvel): I’m glad to see Clayton Crain back on art duty, who is steadily losing the negative CG attributes and beginning to employ lithe figures that are actually reminiscent of Frank Quitely in places. Check out the first panel with Cyclops entering for a good example. It’s also nice to see greater editorial coordination at play here, with elements from both Uncanny X-Men and Astonishing X-Men converging here with X-Force. We’ve got a good cliffhanger here, events that set up future conflicts and just enough sub-plots (Rahne’s quest). Nice to see X-Force apparently back on track. Grade B+.

I also picked up the following titles all for .50 cents each;

X-Force: Ain’t No Dog #1, X-Force #8-9, Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour, Unknown Soldier #1, Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1, Sandman: The Dream Hunters #1, Palookaville #18, Deep Sleeper #1-4, 30 Days of Night: Dead Space #1, 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow #1-3, 30 Days of Night: Sourcebook, Kabuki Reflections #9

I also picked up the following trades for half off;

Death by Chocolate: Redux, Antiques: The Comic Strip, Swallow Me Whole, John Constantine: Hellblazer: All His Engines


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