4.29.09 Reviews

Uncanny X-Men #509 (Marvel): Like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, "just when I thought I was out, they [Uncanny] pull me back in!" I like the way that Fraction is emphasizing the truly radical departure that basing the team in San Francisco is. There's lots of authentic feeling local color, from the East Bay (Colossus at the Raiders game!) to The Castro. Immediately picking up from Northstar's recruitment in the last issue was also a welcome sign that Fraction may no longer be leaving plot threads dangling, which was becoming a pet peeve. The introduction of the chemical ban controlling the procreation of mutants as potential legislation is a bold piece of controversy to play with. This feels like a harbinger of things to come as Fraction amps up the political charge of the title. Even Land's art seems to be settling and doesn't feel as uber-cheesecake this issue, with the exception of some recurring S&M aesthetics for Emma Frost. There's some slight confusion in many of the action sequences, but dare I say it, Land's art looks almost... Cassaday-ish in spots! The only variable factor here is the inking of Jay Leister, so uhh, take a bow Mr. Leister. I enjoyed the scene with Dr. Nemesis, who seems to be positioned as a sort of Elijah Snow or Jenny Sparks "century baby," which is an interesting influence to note since Fraction really began his career as a Warren Ellis disciple. This was amid the scientific, time-jumping investigation being headed up by Hank McCoy, with fun little humor digressions like "Lady and gentlemen and Jeffries, what McCoy is so subtly insinuating is..." though I think the line would have read funnier as "Lady and gentlemen... (pause)... and Jeffries, what McCoy is so subtly insinuating is..." Fraction really is firing on all cylinders here, giving us a coherent history of Betsy Braddock/Kwannon/Psylocke in just one page and stressful little lines like Scott's head-in-hands "We're fine. Evvvvvvverything's fine." This series has been "good," but this issue is one of the strongest to date and is deserving of a "great." It was also a treat to see the New Mutants preview with slick art and a rousing hook. Zeb Wells and Diogenes Neves, yup I'll check out an issue or two. Grade A.

I also picked up;

Queen & Country Definitive Edition: Volume 4 (Oni Press): Finally the last installment of this terrific series, collecting the three Q&C: Declassified mini-series, with tons of bonus material and interviews, can't wait to read Antony Johnston's thoughts on working with Greg Rucka's property.

Resurrection: The Insurgent Edition (Oni Press): I remember picking up a random issue of this out of a quarter bin and being thoroughly underwhelmed, not understanding all of the hype or film optioning. However, 148 pages collecting seven issues worth of material for a mere $6 was just too good of a deal to pass up. I'll give it another go.


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