Cars I've (Wished I'd) Owned (Part 11 of 14)

1988 BMW M5
Aka: “The Cult”

The E28 M5 came in one model year and one model year only. It cost Bayerische Motoren Werke something like $80,000 to produce this car, and they sold it for around $30,000 (yes, deliberately losing money in the process – this was their business model) simply because the fans demanded it and they wanted to start building the M brand in the US. I always thought that was really fucking cool. And it worked. Between this and the M3 of the time, M cars developed a cult following that’s only emboldened with time. With a total production of only 2,191 units actually built, the E28 M5 remains among the rarest regular production BMW Motorsport cars ever trotted out. And like Henry Ford said about the Model T, you could get it in any color you wanted – as long as it was black.


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