Coming This Week: Echo, Lots of Maybes, and Something About Jennifer Grey

Every week I review Diamond's “New Releases” to determine what I’ll definitely be buying sight unseen, what I’m interested in enough to do a quick scan of at the LCS to see if it can win me over, and note any other items that catch my eye. Here’s a look…


Echo #14 (Abstract Studio): Word from SDCC is that this might be getting optioned for a movie deal. Regardless, one of the best comics being published at the moment.

Wednesday Comics #5 (DC): Not without its problems, but still something I very much look forward to. Will Batman continue the sexual innuendo, will Superman cry more to his parents, will Paul Pope continue to astound, will Metamorpho actually do anything?

Invincible Iron Man #16 (Marvel): Hey, Matt Fraction! I think this guy has a potential career in comics.


Greek Street #2 (DC/Vertigo): Not entirely enamored of the first issue, but nice art and the story showed potential.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #2 (Boom!): Not convinced on the viability of the adaptation format, but hey, essay by some guy named Matt Fraction.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 (DC): This is one of those titles that I honestly don’t like, yet I’m foolishly tempted to buy it just so I can mockingly review it. Maybe it’s so bad that I’ll enjoy it, like watching Dirty Dancing. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"


Pax Romana TPB: Volume 1 (Image): Probably my favorite of the Jonathan Hickman projects, particularly in terms of high concept. Interesting that this is solicited as “Volume 1,” insinuating there may be future volumes.

Doom Patrol #1 (DC): It’s been tried and re-tried, but with Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire, and J.M. DeMatteis involved, it may pass the casual flip test at the LCS.

Red Circle: The Hangman #1 (DC): …and away we go with the JMS reimaging of the Red Circle properties. The Bill Sienkiewicz art could make this interesting.


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