Coming This Week: Judging From This List, I’m Not Entirely Sure I Like Comics Anymore

Every week I review Diamond's “New Releases” to determine what I’ll definitely be buying sight unseen, what I’m interested in enough to do a quick scan of at the LCS to see if it can win me over, and note any other items that catch my eye. Here’s a look…


Wednesday Comics #7 (DC): Though the content is largely uneven, the experience of reading Wednesday Comics continues to be something that I look forward to. Sitting down in an offbeat coffee shop with my beverage of choice and flinging that sucker open is really enjoyable. It’s quite the conversation starter too.

Punisher #8 (Marvel): Even eight issues later, I often forget about it and overlook this title on the new releases list. Sometimes I even wonder why I’m still buying it, but every single issue surprises me with something subtle, causing me to return.


Days Missing #1 (Archaia): I knew nothing about this book, but Frazer Irving’s name caught my eye. It’s apparently a project with a Roddenberry Productions property, a five issue mini-series with rotating creative teams, the first from Phil Hester and Frazer Irving, with some other notables to follow, such as Ian Edgington and Matz. For .99 cents, I’ll likely give it a spin.


You know it’s a slow week when there really isn’t anything to even comment on. I had to run through Diamond’s list a couple of times just to find some suitable snark fodder. If the lauded Young Liars from David Lapham got cancelled, how long before Air follows? Alas, Air #12 (DC/Vertigo) is still shipping this week. Does anyone really care who the new Batgirl is? Every permutation/explanation I can think of isn’t very appealing. If you’re interested, Batgirl #1 (DC) shows her face this week. The Filthy Rich HC (DC) and Dark Entries HC (DC) make me feel as if I am now officially all noir’d out. I’m Deluxe Edition-waiting the final couple arcs of this great title, so no need to purchase Ex Machina #44 (DC/Wildstorm) as it winds down to a conclusion somewhere around #50. Not sure why anyone is still buying Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #4 (DC) after the mini featured a couple different artists and superior Joe Casey writing can be found in Dark Reign: Zodiac (Marvel). Astonishing X-Men Premiere HC Ghost Box (Marvel) collects the (astonishingly lackluster) regular series issues 25-30 and the (astonishingly overpriced and unnecessary) two issues of the Ghost Box spin off.


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