The Only Thing Worse Than All of The Disney Marvel Jokes Is All of The Bloggers Complaining About All of The Disney Marvel Jokes


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Grant said...

disney buying marvel... i think it just supports the fact that Hollywood is not very good at doing anything original and depends heavily on other forms of media for much of its movie ideas... comics, novels, international films, etc. Looking at how Pixar was effected when Disney bought them, I feel a little disheartened for Marvel.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Justin Giampaoli said...

Yeah, I thought an interesting observation was Warner Brothers use of DC Comics as a "research and development" arm of the corporation. In that regard, they're allowed to experiment and fail (not necessarily pre-occupied with just being profitable) in order to have the parent company mine and exploit the best ideas for other medium. Perhaps Disney will take a similar approach to Marvel's library of properties.


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