The Writer Who Came In From The Cold

Antony Johnston announces Cold City.

Wasteland scribe Antony Johnston recently posted a message about his new project, Cold City, which is described as a Cold War spy thriller set around the fall of the Berlin Wall. To anyone who lived through that, those were powerful images amid sweeping times of change. I still remember watching Tom Brokaw “live from the Berlin Wall” on TV with my dad. We sat there as he told me stories about my grandfather in WWII. The book is going to be a very intriguing digest-sized hardback with artist Sam Hart, from Oni Press. This is a time period that surprisingly doesn’t get explored much. Anyone who caught Johnston’s arc of Queen & Country: Declassified (with Wasteland artist Chris Mitten) knows that he can definitely pull espionage off with the best of them. With the MI-6 fueled description, it feels right up my alley and I'm excited about this one. Keep your eyes peeled for this in 2010. No, that image isn’t from Cold City, I just thought it captured my initial reaction to what the book might feel like.


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