Coming This Week: The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

Honestly? I was getting tired of that other format. At times, perhaps because I had been purchasing more titles regularly – and then suddenly wasn’t, it felt like I was doggedly sticking to a big clumsy structure and that was sort of limiting to any free form meaningful content I might be able to contribute. It all started as an experiment anyway to post closer to daily and get more content up, and now that I’ve been able to do that with some additional venues and collaborative projects, I thought I’d just keep things a little looser and bloggier, and talk about what was on the weekly horizon without any sort of parameters.

This week certainly feels like my kind of week, with the types of titles I feel partially define my reading habits if you were to judge solely by a random weekly pull list of floppies. I’ll definitely be picking up Wasteland #27 (Oni Press) and I’m glad to see it return after a brief delay in scheduling. It’s never disappointed and I’m still reeling from the high it delivered in 2009; I hope 2010 has the same sense of panache. Similarly, Terry Moore’s Echo #18 (Abstract Studio) is always a rewarding read and just strikes me as the way comics “should be” done, whatever that means. I’m also anxious to see if Stumptown #2 (Oni Press) can sustain the craftsmanship and entertainment momentum it established in the first issue. Between this and Kate Kane in Detective Comics, not to mention his Queen & Country work with Tara, Greg Rucka is just proving himself the master of writing flawed, intricate, and capable women. Lastly, I may consider purchasing Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1 (Marvel). At $3.99 for 48 pages, Jeff Parker and Marko Djurdjevic seem like a good team delivering what could be a bargain. At the very least, it should be harmless and well done fun in their little corner of the Marvel U.


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