1.26.11 Releases

Any week that kicks off a new Brian Wood book has to be a pretty good one. It’s The New York Five #1 (DC/Vertigo). Aside from the name recognition, there’s a few things that pique my interest with this four issue series. One, who is the fifth of the five? Two, with the book moving out of the aborted YA Minx line and into the Vertigo imprint, will that change the tone? More edgy, more sexy, more swearing, more adult themes? Three, it’ll be interesting to see Ryan Kelly’s art on these characters blown up to regular comic size in stead of the prior’s digest format. Vertigo also offers up Scalped #45 (DC/Vertigo), a title that has failed to disappoint, making my best of the year list every year that it’s been available. I vowed to stop buying this title in 2011: Uncanny X-Men #532 (Marvel), in favor of the far superior: Uncanny X-Force #4 (Marvel), so let’s see if I can keep my promise! In the collected editions department, we have The Killer Volume 3: Modus Vivendi HC (Archaia). The third arc of this Franco-Belgian offering from Luc Jacamon and Matz didn’t feel quite as focused for me as the first two, but it’s still an interesting book that deserves more buzz. Stop buying The Punisher and whatever else crap you’re buying and try this instead.


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