2.16.11 Releases

According to the DMZ Countdown Clock™ we have just 10 issues of the series to go after this week’s DMZ #62 (DC/Vertigo), which continues the Free States Rising arc. For fans of the series wanting to upgrade their singles or for the trade-waiters who were, umm... waiting for the trade, there’s also DMZ Volume 9: M.I.A. (DC/Vertigo), which collects issues 50-54, and let’s not forget that issue 50 was the awesome “Notes From The Underground” special, with pieces by such luminaries as Jim Lee, Fabio Moon, Eduardo Risso, and Dave Gibbons. Over at The House of Ideas, we have the always entertaining Uncanny X-Force #5 (Marvel) by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, along with the visual treat that is SHIELD #6 (Marvel) by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver. I’ve heard good things about this book, so I might also try Kill Shakespeare #1: 100 Penny Press Edition (IDW), which is only $1.


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