3.16.11 Releases

DMZ #63 (DC/Vertigo) continues the penultimate arc “Free States Rising,” with only 9 issues of the series remaining. It’s a double-tap of Brian Wood entertainment this week; also due out is Northlanders #38 (DC/Vertigo), which continues “The Siege of Paris” arc with impressive art by Simon Gane. Over at The House of Ideas, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca chug forward with Invincible Iron Man #502 (Marvel). Giving that a run for its money as best Marvel book being published today/best straight up superhero book being published today is Uncanny X-Force #5.1 (Marvel), though (big caveats) the second arc isn’t as strong as the first from a storytelling standpoint, the artist isn’t as strong as Jerome Opena on the first arc, and I do loathe the whole “Point One” initiative. There’s nothing like damning with faint praise. For the OGN aficionados who are musically inclined, Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness (Abrams/ComicArts) from Reinhard Kleist looks interesting and has been lighting up the European circuit with awards.


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