3.30.11 Releases

I’m probably most interested this week in Butcher Baker Righteous Maker #1 (Image Comics) by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston. I haven’t seen anything from Casey in a while, The Milkman Murders is the last thing that comes to mind, and having just re-read my run of Automatic Kafka from him, I’m in the mood for more of his post-Watchmen subversive fun. DC continues their Jason Aaron masterpiece with Scalped #47 (DC/Vertigo), and Marvel offers up the Strange Tales II Hardcover (Marvel). Between the Rafael Grampa Wolverine story and Frank Santoro’s take on the Silver Surfer, and a few other treats sprinkled into the mix, it’s well worth the upgrade from the singles. Terry Moore offers up what I think is the penultimate(?) issue of his current series, with Echo #29 (Abstract Studios) hitting the shelves this week. I was excited to see him recently announce his next book, and would be doubly excited to be able to purchase the first issue of that, along with a hardcover omnibus of Echo during Comic-Con this summer. Lastly, I don’t usually pay much attention to Avatar Press books unless the writer’s initials are W.E. (best accompanied by an artist with the initials J.J.R.), but with David Lapham and some great looking art by German Nobile, I might check out Caligula #1 (Avatar Press).


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