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Yes. It is true. I review comic books. Right here, on this very site. From mini-comics, to small press, to the mainstream, I’m interested in what you’ve created. As you can see from this shot of the random images currently on my office wall at work, my personal taste is all over the place. You can see Paul Pope, Alphonse Mucha, Tom Neely, Warren Ellis & John Cassaday, Ed Ruscha, Nathan Fox, Brian Wood, Christopher Mitten, Shepard Fairey, Rafael Grampa, and Julia Gfrorer, just on that one wall alone. I’m continually shocked by how many creators seem surprised that I’d be happy to accept and review their work, as if the comics just grow on trees somewhere for me to mysteriously find.

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll like everything I have to say, but I can guarantee I’ll have something to say. And you’ll get some free exposure out of the deal. Telling the truth can be a revolutionary act. To me, it’s worth the risk of offending someone if it means they can trust that every word is my true opinion. This means they can actually believe me when I compliment their work. So, if you’ve got a comic you want to get the word out on, if you’re willing to send me a comp copy for review purposes, don’t be shy, just click the “Email Me!” link to the right to obtain my mailing address, send your latest creation in, and I promise you’ll get a prompt and thoughtful review.


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