5.25.11 Releases

Man, what a thin week. Perhaps the most interesting “high risk, high reward” proposition is Strange Adventures #1 (DC), which promises sci-fi contributions by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, Jeff Lemire, and a cover by Paul Pope, but for $7.99, even at 80 pages, it really needs to bring the thunder. The Big Two seem to be really pushing the anthology-with-indie-contributors paradigm lately, so hopefully this one pays off. Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston offer up the next installment of Butcher Baker Righteous Maker #3 (Image), and while I’ve enjoyed it fairly passively, it doesn’t seem to be blowing me away. It had better get somewhere fast, or I’ll start feeling like the tongue-in-cheek-egotism-or-is-it? back matter by Casey will be the only real interesting draw. This could be a make or break issue for the series and my continued support. Finally, on the collected edition front, we have the stunning DV8: Gods & Monsters TPB (DC/WildStorm) by Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs. Not to get all hyperbolic, but I’m pretty sure I said “this is Brian Wood’s Watchmen” on more than one occasion, because, while it tells a mysterious tale in flashback during debrief, it also deconstructs the super powered being paradigm in the process.


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