6.01.11 Releases

I’m not sure what’s going on, it must be the racks being hijacked by all of the Fear Itself Flashpoint Crossover Nonsense, but the last couple of weeks have been total duds for me, and this week doesn’t appear to be much different. It’s one of those weeks where I ask myself why I’m still reading comics, where I get more enjoyment out of just re-watching the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones than trudging down to the LCS and trying to find something suitably entertaining that I can justify plunking down money on. I suppose I’ll check out Uncanny X-Force #11 (Marvel), even though I can’t muster much enthusiasm for any issue that doesn’t feature Jerome Opena’s art. This time out, it’s Mark Brooks (?), with Rick Remender writing an editorially mandated crossover-y type arc. If the company and creative team could just sustain the energy and aesthetic they had on the first four issue arc, this would be hands down the best X-Men book being published and probably one of the best books period being published today. Alas, there was a serious drop in quality beginning with issue five. SHIELD #1 (Marvel) is also coming out, with Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver diving into their second arc with a new first issue. Not sure why we they can’t just stick to sequential numbering, and I’m not even sure I’ll be picking it up in any case. Weaver’s art is usually beautiful, but I couldn’t really make heads or tales of the script in the first few issues of the last arc. If I have to make a graphic novel recommendation, I’d probably go with the softcover release of Howard Cruse’s Stuck Rubber Baby (DC/Vertigo) for $17.99. What looks good to you?


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Ryan Claytor said...

What looks good to me? Well, I usually comb your pre-release list for potential purchases...but honestly, none of these picks are jumping out at me. I feel like maybe I should go pick up SRB, though.

Kudos on keepin' us informed, Justin!

Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics


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