6.08.11 Releases

Easily, the biggest draw for me this week is Echo #30 (Abstract Studio), which is the final issue of Terry Moore’s latest project. I love the way he’s merged 1960’s atomic paranoia straight out of Marvel’s heyday and the type of interpersonal relationship dynamics that made SiP so compelling for so long. I recently re-read the entire run in anticipation of this issue, and it seems clear to me that it’s basically a movie pitch. It’s the right length, has a three act structure, and the type of cast that would lend itself to such an adaptation. Here’s to hoping the movie option sticks, that we get a nice hardcover collected edition in time for Comic-Con, that it lives up to the very high bar the series has set with every issue, and to keeping an eye out for Moore’s follow up project, which was recently announced. It’s refreshing to see a book so well-conceived and well-executed come to a tidy planned ending. Scalped #49 (DC/Vertigo) is also out this week, and is in this weird three-way race/tie at any given moment for best publication along with Brian Wood’s DMZ and Northlanders. The last item on my radar screen is American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 (DC/Vertigo). Let me be clear that I’m thoroughly tired of vampires being in my pop culture diet (this from someone who used to host Tuesday night pizza/beer parties to watch the new ep of Buffy The Vampire Slayer), but you’ve just got to love Sean Murphy’s art. Though I don’t know a thing about the regular series, the first issue of this five issue mini-series spin-off has a good shot at making it home based on the strength of the art alone.


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