6.22.11 Releases

DMZ #66 (DC/Vertigo) is the highlight this Wednesday. *Sniff* It’s the last Zee spotlight issue. Other than that, I can’t find any singles that I’m interested in or that are particularly noteworthy. I did read an interesting tidbit this morning regarding Dynamite Entertainment publishing a Game of Thrones adaptation come September, so that might just tide me over until the second season starts on HBO in Spring of 2012, but that’s really neither here nor there as far as new releases are concerned this week. Anyway, on the graphic novel front, we have 20th Century Boys: Volume 15 (VizMedia) due out, and Terry Moore’s Echo Volume 6: The Last Day TPB (Abstract Studio), which comes hot on the heels of the final issue earlier this month. Moore has been structuring the arcs at 5 issues each, so if I’m not mistaken, this should collect issues 26-30 and be the final regular collected edition. The only criticism I have of these collected editions is that they’ve contained absolutely zero bonus material, their price point doesn’t necessarily make them a significant value over the single issues, AND the printing quality didn’t seem as crisp as the singles. I guess for extras and swank packaging, we’ll all just have to wait until we get the hardcover omnibus edition at San Diego this summer.


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