10.05.11 Releases

Without a doubt, the pick of the week is Casanova: Avaritia #2 (Marvel/Icon). I mean, c’mon, how can you not love that cover image? I’m really curious to see what Brian Wood does with a licensed property from CW in Supernatural #1 (DC/Vertigo). This seems like the type of thing they were using the WildStorm imprint for toward the end, but with that folded into the New 52, I guess it resides here now. I’ll probably also pick up The Last of The Greats #1 (Image) since I’m kinda’ a sucker for anything that pulls a "superheroes in their twilight" riff. I plan on flipping through Avengers: 1969 #1 (Marvel) because I like the premise, but without Chaykin on interior art, it’s not a sure buy by any means. As far as the New 52 is concerned, this is where it feels like things will suddenly go dark for me and I’ll largely tune out. I’ll give Justice League International #2 (DC) and Stormwatch #2 (DC) the casual flip test, but I doubt either will make it home, perhaps Stormwatch possessing the better chance. I might also take a peak at the Huntress #1 (DC) since I think Paul Levitz is a peculiar choice of writer on that. What looks good to you?


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