10.26.11 Releases

This could be a huge week for me if I actually purchased everything I was interested in, so let’s break this down from “definite purchases” to “just curious” and see what we can see. DMZ #70 (DC/Vertigo) is about as sure as a sure thing gets. I’m starting to freak out a little, the fact that the series is ending in just two more months is hitting me hard. If you haven’t been checking out LIVE FROM THE DMZ, please get yourself over there so we can end the year with a bang! Speaking of amazing books soon coming to a close, Scalped #53 (DC/Vertigo) is out this week as well. It’s set to wrap at #60, and while I’m happy that Jason Aaron has gone on to other (Marvel) work and made a career for himself in the industry, it is sad that we won’t get any other Vertigo work out of him, as DC seems to let another hot writer slip through their fingers. Really, what's left in the Vertigo stable that's going to fill the gaping hole left by these two books? Warren Ellis has been delighting us with Global Frequency In The Marvel Universe, with Secret Avengers #18 (Marvel) also coming out. The rotating artist concept means that things can get inconsistent, but few have mastered the art of the “done-in-one” as well as Ellis. It’s always entertaining. I’m curious to see what Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso will do with their Spaceman #1 (DC/Vertigo) collaboration. It’s set to be a 9-issue series. At full price, this might have been in the maybe pile, but at just $1 for the introductory issue, it’s a no-brainer. Azzarello has been tearing it up on Wonder Woman and I’d probably buy just about anything from Eduardo Risso.

On this next tier, these are books that I’m likely to purchase, but something might go wrong during the casual flip test that would derail my noble intentions. Wolverine & The X-Men #1 (Marvel) makes me a little crazy because of the whole “let’s just jigger our whole line so we can squeeze out as many new #1’s as possible, as often as possible, and over-expose Wolverine even more than he already is…” BUT, with Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo on board, it’s liable to be a fairly taught and stylish package. I think Schism felt really plot hammery and contrived, while being devoid of plausible actions, but in theory I can warm to the idea of splitting ideologies between Scott and Logan, so I’ll likely check out at least the first issues of their respective new books. I was surprised to see Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #4 (Avatar Press) in the solicits this week. Let’s see, the last issue came out in March, was late itself, and was fairly underwhelming. I still don’t understand why it takes two years to get a 4 issue mini-series out, but Warren Ellis is usually worth a look regardless. Maybe it’s time to put projects like this on the dreaded “wait for the trade” list though. I’m looking for something in Justice League: Dark #2 (DC) to catch my eye so that I can take it home. Not sure what it is, but I’ll know it when I see it. Speaking of interesting but habitually late creators, Jonathan Hickman’s The Red Wing #4 (Image) is also due out. Hickman’s creator owned stuff is better than his company owned work for my money, but even then can be hit and miss. I haven’t enjoyed this as much as, say, Pax Romana. It sucks to say, but honestly I might just thumb through this in the LCS and call it a day.

This last group is books that I’m pretty sure I won’t be purchasing, but I’ll give them a passing look to see if they can change my mind. Game of Thrones #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) will not make it home if it has the same cartoony, totally-missed-the-mark aesthetic to the art as the first issue. Really, short of Scooby-Doo showing up, you couldn’t have gotten the tone of the art more wrong on this book. It’s a shame too, because as someone who loves the HBO series and went on to read the novels, I’m basically the perfect audience for this, so if I’m not buying it, I really don’t know who else would. Butcher Baker Righteous Maker #7 (Image) is the latest issue in a series that I quickly grew tired of, but it’s fun to flip through the backmatter to see what type of faux egotistical rock star word vomit artistic manifesto call to arms Joe Casey will treat us to. The other Legion books in The New 52 have largely missed for me, but I’ll give this tweaking of their beginnings a quick look, with Legion: Secret Origin #1 (DC). Lastly, I think Avengers: Solo #1 (Marvel) has some potential. What looks good to you?


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