11.16.11 Releases

The book I’m most looking forward to this week is a toss-up between Batman #3 (DC) from Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo and Northlanders #46 (DC/Vertigo) by Brian Wood & Paul Azaceta. I’ll also likely be picking up Wonder Woman #3 (DC) from Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang, and I might even check out Mudman #1 (Image). I was really into Jack Staff for a while, then it just sorta’ stopped coming out, but nevertheless new Paul Grist is always worth a look. It’s good to see DC keep up with reprints of some long-forgotten modern classics. DC Comics Presents Superman The Kents #1 (DC) is a mouthful of a title for a 12 issue maxi-series originally just titled “The Kents,” but it’s a good book all the same. John Ostrander & Tim Truman delivered a generational saga that chronicled a few generations of The Kents prior to the ones we know in the modern Superman mythos. It was so grand that it caused me to write (and pitch unsuccessfully) a series called “The Waynes” that chronicled their lineage beginning hundreds of years ago in Scotland with a young Ciaran Wayne, who was with William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. It took his descendents to Denmark, Venice, saw Gotham City settled, introduced us to Judge Solomon Wayne, the construction of Wayne Manor, the amassing of wealth through Wayne Enterprises, saw Thomas give Martha the pearls as a Christmas present, and all the way up to the last page where baby Bruce is born in the hospital. I thought it was pretty rad, but I digress. Anyway, this new issue reprints the first 4 issues (of 12) of The Kents, and is well worth checking out if you like historical fiction tied to the DCU. The only book I can slightly recommend from The House of Ideas this week is Wolverine: The Best There Is #11 (Marvel) because of the luscious Juan Jose Ryp art. On the collected edition front, the winners this week are Scalped Volume 08: You Gotta Sin To Get Saved (DC/Vertigo) and Wasteland Volume 06: The Enemy Within (Oni Press).


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