11.30.11 Releases

It’s a small but potent week. I’m really looking forward to Wasteland #32 (Oni Press), not only because it’s a joy to see the series getting back on track, but also because this is one of those rare interlude issues that fall in between arcs. These interludes are one of my favorite parts of the series because they’re crammed with information and are such a grand example of world-building by Antony Johnston & Company. The last one was the immaculate #25 with fully painted interiors by Mitten, certainly a high water mark in the series. That said, there are big shoes to fill, but hopefully Brett Weldele is up to the challenge as artist this time out on one of these stand alones. Chalk this next one up to creator loyalty because I tried the first trade of the series and didn’t see what the draw was at all. But, after various projects, including their team up on the memorable Dark Reign: Zodiac mini-series, I’d try just about anything Joe Casey and Nathan Fox did, including Haunt #19 (Image). I won’t buy it, but I’ll flip through Game of Thrones #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) just to see how (poorly) this adaptation is faring. Speaking of the publisher, they’ve also got The Lone Ranger TPB Volume 4: Resolve (Dynamite Entertainment) due out. Not sure if this arc has been collected before, but it’s probably the best series I’ve seen yet from the publisher, and one I often recommend.


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