VOLUME 09: M.I.A. Now Broadcasting LIVE FROM THE DMZ

DMZ VOLUME 09: M.I.A. is now broadcasting LIVE FROM THE DMZ. With the series recently wrapped and just two collected editions left to see print, it’s time to jump on board the site dedicated to Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli’s 6-year DC/Vertigo epic. DMZ is a contemporary classic that chronicles Matthew Roth stuck in a Manhattan war zone in a not-too-distant-future America plunged into the Second American Civil War.

LIVE FROM THE DMZ takes a behind-the-scenes "Director's Commentary" look at the creation of the series, with interviews, never-before-seen concept art, and more, as we examine the flagship title from one of the most important creative voices in the last 15 years. There’s nothing else like it and it’s done with the full cooperation of Brian Wood and his series collaborators.


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