3.07.12 Reviews (Part 1)

Wolverine & The X-Men: Alpha & Omega #3 (Marvel): I still feel that this is a pretty light read, probably not as heady as other Brian Wood books I've consumed, but maybe that comes with the genre. It's still a compelling premise, having Logan and Armor on the run and questioning not only their status as mutants, but their very reality in the process. The cover from John Tyler Christopher is really nice, I actually mistook it for a John Cassaday cover at first glance, and it's sort of a more anemic, thinner line weight, less inky version of JC. Mark Brooks' interior art is similarly clean and vibrant, while Boschi's more minimalist and angular Westchester sequences are just harsh on my eyeballs. Despite uneven art(ists), I find more to like than not like. The idea of Logan's id unchained in berserker mode is scary, and Wood really captures Quire's voice as an insecure kid who just so desperately wants someone to appreciate his Omega Level brilliance, that he'll act out for attention in all the wrong ways. I mean, just look at his self-image in the construct. I also am really enjoying the portrayal of Rachel's personality, her sarcastic frustration in trying to keep the school together, which kids of begs the question: where's Kitty in all this? Grade B.

Aquaman #5 (DC): [Not on regular pull, picked up for coworker]. I will say that the art here is kinda’ striking from Ivan Reis, and seems to be a step above the generic DC House Style, but man, my main issue is the writing. I think, at times, Geoff Johns can be a decent "big idea man," but I don't enjoy his actual scripting and dialogue very much. There are shreds of interesting notes (the "A" glyph, the Atlantean history), but usually your choices are either high grandstanding exposition or awkward unnatural dialogue. Ultimately, the tone of the book can’t decide if it's being done in earnest or being done tongue-in-cheek, sending a very mixed signal, with action completely devoid of consequence. It's all noise and no substance. Grade C+.


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