3.14.12 Releases

This is the biggest week seen around these parts for years. It’s an interesting mix of old and new for Brian Wood, with Conan The Barbarian #2 (Dark Horse) hitting the shelves, along with a double-tap of his harsh generational saga, with both the penultimate Northlanders #49 (DC/Vertigo) and Northlanders Volume 6: Thor’s Daughter (DC/Vertigo) coming out. Vertigo tries to hang on to some of the magic by releasing a small crop of potential replacements in the line-up, but the only one that really caught my eye was Saucer Country #1 (DC/Vertigo) from Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly. It’s got a fun high concept, engaging politics, and was the only thing to stand out as above mediocre in the recent sampler. It’s quite ironic that DC just can’t seem to get anything right with the handling of what is arguably their best title, as Batwoman #7 (DC) comes in the wake of the announced departure of artist Amy Reeder. I always preferred JH3 myself, but this book just can’t handle one more thing which threatens its shipping schedule or very existence without significant delays. Maybe it’s just another sign that “Big Two” comics are hurting at the moment, as the indie publishers offer up a plethora of appealing alternatives. Glory #24 (Image) sees the second issue of this stellar book hit, with what will probably be the focus of the week in most circles, Saga #1 (Image) from back-at-it Brian K. Vaughan and the always awesome Fiona Staples. Not to be outdone, another creator owned safe haven belts out Wasteland #35 (Oni Press), along with The Secret History of DB Cooper #1 (Oni Press). At this point, I’m buying this title in trades, but I’ll point out Locke & Key: Clockworks #5 (IDW). I usually don’t pick up many of these “art of” style books, but man this one looks gorgeous, and this particular artist was pretty influential for me during my formative reading years in establishing an aesthetic I was drawn to, on titles like The New Teen Titans and The Avengers. It’s The Art of George Perez HC (IDW), which will set you back $50. What looks good to you?


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