3.21.12 Releases

After the deluge of titles that made it home last week, my wallet thanks the All Powerful Comic Book Gods for a week’s financial reprieve of only 3 titles that will make the jump. I’m most excited for Dark Horse Presents #10 (Dark Horse) since it houses the final prequel installment of Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson’s The Massive. With news coming out of WonderCon this weekend that Wood will be helming not one, but two, X-Men books beginning in June, it’s certainly shaping up to be a massive (pun intended) year for him. (PS – That’s X-Men and Ultimate X-Men that he’ll be writing, in case you missed it). Next up is Batman #7 (DC), which has remained consistently one of DC’s best in the New 52 relaunch. With Batwoman waning in quality and creative shake-ups, who knows? Maybe Snyder and Capullo will pull ahead and position this book as the best DC has to offer. I’m also really looking forward to Prophet #23 (Image). If the team of Brandon Graham and Simon Roy wasn’t good enough, this issue sports a cover by the amazing Farel Dalrymple. What looks good to you?


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