3.28.12 Reviews

Scalped #57 (DC/Vertigo): This issue does one of the things that Jason Aaron is so good at as a writer, which is to set several plot threads into motion, and then propel them toward one another on a collision course. There’s old murders, new murders, the ultimate direction of Dash Bad Horse’s life, and the ultimate fate of Lincoln Red Crow all intertwined. You’ve heard that phrase “knowing where the bodies are buried,” and it’s a literal interpretation that comes back to haunt current events, with Red Crow’s legal team still trying to build a case against Dash, with or without his help. As always, I dig the harsh authenticity of the language, and am surprised to see not that Sheriff Falls Down is such an honorable man, but that’s he’s becoming yet another favorite character this late in the game. There’s only 3 issues left, so at this point, shit, start buying the trades I guess, because this is one of the best modern series ever. Grade A.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel): First impressions? The art is a little cheesecake, even for Frank Cho, I mean, I’ve seen his stuff look much better, much healthier. The dialogue is also a little silly, especially the lead Scarlet Witch story from Bendis. I still find the overall story idea interesting, but the merit of a good idea is all in the execution. The opening action scene feels terribly inconsequential, and all 3 women (Carol, Wanda, and Spider-Woman) all have the same voice, none of them distinct. Also? THE VISION CRIES. Deep down, Aaron has more success with the Hope story, trying to get her to break free and formulate her own identity, not Cable, not Scott, not on the run, not The Mutant Messiah, but just a girl who wants to understand her purpose in life, all while the Phoenix Force is inbound. But then, throwaway GI JOE reject villains, and those over-the-shoulder poses where you can see ass, face, and tits all at once. Sigh. Some sloppy copy editing too. Where is that scene with Tony and Steve at the White House? Was that a #1 preview or something? That was better than this. This was a let down. Grade B-.


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