4.04.12 Releases

I’m a little torn on the pick of the week this time out. Honestly, I’m probably most looking forward to reading Casanova: Avaritia #3 (Marvel/Icon). But, on principle I feel like not supporting Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba’s latest effort since the last issue came out 6 months ago. At this rate, it’ll probably take the guys a year to wrap a 4-issue mini-series, but hey, maybe they’re hiding behind the “art takes time” defense. Wolverine & The X-Men: Alpha & Omega #4 (Marvel) is also out this week, and I’ll be curious to see where Brian Wood ultimately takes this. As far as other singles go, Image Comics has a couple that I’m not instantly sold on, but I’ll probably give them a flip at the LCS to see if they pass muster. First, Supreme #63 (Image) doesn’t quite continue the reimaging phenomenon the publisher has been engaging in with other title such as Prophet and Glory, it’s just a… continuation, I guess, with an Alan Moore script and Erik Larsen on art. I was never into this title before, and candidly, I think Alan Moore is over-rated, so this is passive interest at best, based on the general strength of everything else going on at Image currently. Danger Club #1 (Image) probably has a better shot of making it home, with intriguing art and an interesting premise about a band of heroes who disappear, and their teenage sidekicks taking up arms to do… something, continue their legacy, or find them, or maybe both. No doubt the pick of the week for collected editions is Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery Deluxe Edition HC (DC). Hey, I still have the long out of print single issues from the early 90’s, which are something of a novelty, so I’m not sure if I’ll pick this up. But, if for some reason you never got your hands on this story, this book comes with the highest recommendation. It’s one of the few Grant Morrison books I actually own, and the rare tale where I feel the Drunk Scotsman’s writing ability actually lives up to the deified hype surrounding him.


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