5.09.12 Releases

Wasteland #37 (Oni Press) has one of the best looking covers I’ve seen in a while, thanks to Chris Mitten. I’m betting the interior contents from Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood will be just as enthralling. So happy to see this book back on a regular schedule as we caravan like Sultan Ameer toward #60. Courtney Crumrin #2 (Oni Press) is also out from this publisher and, like Chris Mitten’s cover work, takes an already great artist and blows the roof off by showcasing it in full color. I think Batman #9 (DC) closes out the "Night of the Owls" storyline, in this title at least, which will likely be a make or break moment and determine who sticks with the title and who takes the convenient jumping-off point. Hint. Uncanny X-Force #25 (Marvel) is a little disappointing. I was considering jumping back on because I thought Jerome Opena was back. It turns out, Mike McKone is actually the artist, and Opena is just doing some back-up story, which pushes the price up to $4.99 while simultaneously pushing my interest away. I’ll give it a flip, but I’m not sure it will make it home.


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