5.09.12 Reviews (The Only Book I Really Bought Edition)

Wasteland #37 (Oni Press): I’ve reviewed every single issue of Wasteland since it came out, and earlier this week I was thinking about new things to say or new ways to look at the book. I think one of the things that differentiates this as a post-apocalyptic story is that it’s really a post-apocalyptic drama first and foremost. Most post-apocalyptic creations in film or comics are primarily action/adventure type stories, and are pretty thin on anything other than that flashy whizbang. Wasteland does have moments of action, but the uhh, prime directive, if you will, is that it’s a drama full of social commentary which just happens to be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I mean, why show the end of the world unless you’re using it as a tool to comment on our own? Looking at this issue specifically, oh it’s so hard not to spoil anything, so let me just say there continue to be clues all over the place. There are clues in the introductory “previously in” text piece, dialogue clues like Abi thinking about “6 months ago,” and I still maintain that Ankya Ofsteen’s journal (overlooked by some) is a hotbed of subtle clues. So, Abi takes one of the sole surviving copies of the bible hostage, an old man dies, we see the ascension of Zakk, as Michael, Abi, and Gerr get the EFF out of Godsholm, yet still have unfinished business to resolve. Justin Greenwood's art continues to be a lively and energetic depiction of events, and I'm waiting patienly for someone to do a custom animated project online using his slick style. My favorite part was probably seeing Michael step in on Zakk’s behalf when he really didn’t have to, he’s really a man of principle doing the right thing just for the sake of itself with no direct benefit. I’m wondering why Johnston and company lingered so long on Zakk and Templar Rikkerd after the trio left, as they try to separate Church & State? It was either because they’ll figure more prominently in the story, or simply to show that in the wasteland, you have to believe in something in order to survive. It’s a raison d’etre litmus test you can apply in an interesting way to every single character in The Big Wet Universe. Overall, I enjoyed the story in Godsholm, but I’m glad we’re moving on because I’m so anxious to see what happens next. One of these days I’ll have to start the official Wasteland Countdown Clock™ as I’ve done with other superb series nearing the end of their runs. For now, there’s 23 issues to go, and this one clocks in with a Grade A.


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