5.30.12 Releases

Well, there’s really only one book this week that I can wholeheartedly recommend and that’s Channel Zero: The Complete Collection (Dark Horse). It’s absolutely perfect timing for this new edition containing all the CZ stories and bonus materials to be hitting the shelves. With DMZ having finished its single issue run in December (and collected editions next week), and the The Massive about to kick off, now’s about as good a time as any to offer up the idea of the trio of Brian Wood books forming a loose thematic trilogy. In short, here’s what I’ve been telling people: Channel Zero was about a girl and her broken city, DMZ was about a boy and his broken country, and The Massive is about a man and his broken world. Anyway, this is where it all started as Brian Wood burst onto the scene in 1997, bringing about comics with dangerous ideas and graphic design-meets-street art sensibility. It’s just $19.99 for 296 pages. If your LCS only carries Superman and Spider-Man or you just don’t have a local retailer, then Amazon has a swell deal, currently 46% off at $10.74, which is dirt cheap. Don’t miss it.

Let’s see, what else is worth mentioning? I know at least one person who will flip for Monsieur Jean: Singles Theory (Humanoids), which is a hardcover from the team of Dupuy & Berberian, featuring everyone’s favorite Parisian bachelor from the book Get A Life. I’ll probably also give Grim Leaper #1 (Image) a flip. I don’t know much about it, but all of the debuts from Image Comics this year deserve at least a serious flip for your consideration. Lastly, it looks like there’s a second print of The Spider #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) already out, and I might grab that since it’s a light week, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and want to see if it lives up to all the pulpified hype, and my LCS must have only ordered 2 copies because I never even saw it on the stands.


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